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How do you publish your recipes for free?

Wrdrecipes is the best place to post your recipe or recipes for free. Simply submit your best dish for a chance to be published in wrdrecipes: world recipes.

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Wrdrecipes is looking for new recipes and wants YOURS to be featured on the web. website! Got a recipe that has been passed down in the family? New recipe you came up with?

Image guidelines

Take a picture of your latest dish to show everyone what it should look like and how appetizing it is!

Please follow these instructions when uploading the image. Your prescription may be rejected if your photo does not comply with the guidelines.

  • jpg image
  • Horizontal pictures
  • Pictures including your dish

  • No vertical (vertical) images
  • There are no people or pets in your photo
  • No personal information (name, age, etc.)
  • There is no infringing content

Tips for submitting a recipe to Wrdrecipes

  • Title: Choose a clear title that tells the chef what to expect and includes easy-to-search words.
  • Description: Include a short but detailed sentence that describes the dish that will get the cook excited and tells them what to expect.
  • Ingredients: In order for other chefs to get the same result as you, it helps to have the ingredients as accurate and descriptive as possible.
  • Directions: Write down each step and be as precise and descriptive as possible, using each ingredient listed.
  • Photo: Take a photo of your last dish.

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How do you apply?

Please email your article with a complete photo attachment with credits (in a zip folder), personal information, and contact number.

Rules and regulations

Guests should have a clear understanding of the tone of published articles on before submitting their own guest post/article.

Do not submit/send duplicate content that is already on existing websites/social media platforms. Your content must be original or completely rewritten from previously published articles. 

If guests have re-written an article, please attach the original article link for the team to conduct a plagiarism check. 

We strictly DO NOT publish any duplicate content as it can affect our site’s reputation and SERP rankings. To add, if your article doesn’t fulfil the requirements, we will remove all related articles, links, and materials without prior notice.

The guest post or article must be fact-checked prior to submission.

All articles must have little to no spelling errors or grammatical errors. We suggest our guests proofread their articles prior to any submission.

For guests with SEO experience and keyword research expertise, please feel free to include your SEO-related ideas in your submission.

When writing the article, make sure the sentences use active voice and have good transitions. Avoid writing long sentences for better readability.

For SEO purposes, all guest posts will be edited and modified to fit the tone, style, and voice of We may also add additional links or information if needed. NOTE that reserves the right to include, at our discretion, affiliate links throughout the article.

As a guest post, your article should not be re-distributed to other platforms or edited for future use unless with relevance to submitted articles on and with mutual agreement.

All guest posts are not bound to any monetary rewards and compensations.

Note that once you have submitted an article, you are officially a contributor (NOT an employee of

If you have any suggestions or wish to propose collaboration opportunities, please contact us via email quoting advertisement/collaboration.

Photo submission guidelines and requirements

When submitting photos, DO NOT include copyrighted photos. Please only submit photos taken or obtained from reliable sources with no copyright issues or are free to use. 

Do note that all guests are responsible for all uploaded images of all forms. However, if the submitted photos are yours or taken by your photographers, please specify the name for the credits.

Please submit photos that are in JPEG format only.

If you do not have your own photo to go with the article, team have the right to add whatever photos we deem are suitable to the article.

Subject to approval

All submitted articles are subject to approval depending on its quality, information accuracy, and precision. Do note that only shortlisted guests will be contacted via email. reserves the right to make final edits and modifications before publishing...